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[1] Zubabati

People in Lebanon! We need your insight! If you consume chicken and fish, please fill the Zubabati consumer acceptance survey. Zubabati is an insect cultivating project that provides a solution for Lebanon’s high dependence on imported fertilizers and feed, its lack of organic waste management, and its unsustainable agricultural practices. Thank you!

إذا كنتم تستهلكون الدجاج والسمك، يرجى ملء استطلاع قبول المستهلك أدناه. ذبابتي هو مشروع زراعة حشرات يوفر حلاً للاعتماد الكبير على الأسمدة والأعلاف المستوردة في لبنان، وافتقاره إلى إدارة النفايات العضوية، وممارساته الزراعية غير المستدامة. شكراً!

[02] Nafsiti

Are you interested in storytelling? Are you interested in mental health? What about the overall well-being of the Lebanese population? If you answered yes to any of those questions, please help us heal Lebanon by taking this 5-minute survey!

We would really appreciate it if you could fill it out! It is entirely anonymous and is untraceable. By simply filling out this survey, you can help the Lebanese economy take off, with Booster!

[03] EduBud

هل انت مُدَرّس/ة في مدرسة ابتدائية رسمية، او طالب ثانوي او جامعي؟
.هل يمكن اخذ دقيقة من وقتك لدعمنا بملء هذا الاستبيان
الهدف منه هو دراسة وضع المدارس الابتدائية الرسمية في لبنان التى تعاني من الكثير من الصعوبات على مختلف الاصعدة. الرجاء نشرها مع اكبر شريحة ممكنة و شكراً


We match motivated individuals with a top tier technology mentor to break into a career in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science. Please fill out this Survey.

🤖 Are you a CEO, CTO, CIO, or innovation champion interested in hiring remote AI teams? Join us

🚀 Do you teach in a graduate program related to AI, Machine Learning, or Data Science? Please complete this survey and help us shape the future of remote work infrastructure for AI teams.

[05] From Leblands to Hands

We are a team hoping to reduce the gap between Lebanese farmers and their customers, to help us do so kindly fill this form.

[06] Booster

It’s time to save Lebanon! The MIT Lebanon Challenge prize winning startup *Booster* is here to help Lebanon’s businesses survive then thrive all the while helping out local anf foreign banking sector depositors! Since the beginning of the crisis in Lebanon, businesses have been struggling to keep their operations running. At the same time, depositors have had their money stuck in the Lebanese banking system and under the constant threat of a haircut/bail-in or bank bankruptcy scenario.

Booster matches depositors with companies, essentially letting depositors buy up a portion of these companies in exchange for providing them with the working capital they need. This also works for members of the diaspora! Now that Lebanese businesses are struggling, company valuations are at an all-time low and significant returns can be made in 3-5 years. To try and get to know the potential market for this idea, we’ve created the following survey.

[07] Campus for Lebanon

Campus for Lebanon is a platform for Lebanese people to discover career possibilities, up-skill, and reach out for mentors, bridging the gap between the current academic infrastructure and the job market demand. Please fill this survey ONLY if you’re a student in Lebanon, to help us better understand your needs and design our platform accordingly.

[08] Tandiya

Tandiya is a progressing project that emerged from an idea presented in the MIT Lebanon Challenge 2020. My team and I are working towards providing decentralized water solutions in Lebanon on the household scale to reduce consumption and incentivize sustainability. In order to tailor our project to meet the needs of our customers, we have come up with this short survey. Help us out by filling out the survey only if you are currently residing in Lebanon. Thank you!

Hey there! We are a team working on building an online, public and user-friendly database that aims at providing insight on Lebanon’s agriculture community.
Our ultimate goal is to register all Lebanese farms from the North to the South and for that we will definitely need your help!
There are many ways you can volunteer with us, let’s start by filling out this survey.

[09] Maaloumet w Tefeha

Hey there! We are a team working on building an online, public and user-friendly database that aims at providing insight on Lebanon’s agriculture community. For that we are reaching out to understand you as a farmer in Lebanon today and understand your main points. Kindly fill this short survey.

[10] Aquatricity

As a participant in the 6th UNDP Youth Leadership Programme Lebanon, and in the MITLebanon Challenge 2020 Accelerator; and trying to target the UN Agenda2030 SDGs 6 and/or 7 about sustainable access to water and/or energy, we would like to ask you questions about your daily behavior related to this topic. This is an anonymous survey; feel free to give any answer!

كمشاركة في النّسخة السّادسة من برنامج القيادات الشّابّة من ضمن برنامج الأمم المتّحدة الإنمائي في لبنان، وفي الدورة التدريبية التابعة لمسابقة معهد ماساتشوستس للتكنولوجيا لعام ٢٠٢٠ في لبنان؛ وفي محاولة لتركيز عملنا على كِلا/أحد الهدفين 6/7 من أجندة الأمم المتّحدة للتّنمية المستدامة لعام 2030، واللّذين يسعيان لتأمين المياه والطّاقة بشكل مستدام، نرغب بأن نوجّه لكم أسئلة عن تصرّفاتكم اليوميّة المتعلّقة بهذا الموضوع. إنّ استطلاع الرّأي هذا لا الإفصاح عن أسمائكم؛ فلكم الحرّيّة التّامّة لإعطاء أي جواب يتضّمّن أيّة معلومات من شأنها 

[11] BatRe

We are working on a cheap and sustainable alternative energy solution, that will power people’s homes, reduce the electricity bills, reduce air pollution as well as electronic waste. In order to proceed in our work and make our product available in the market for you to use, we need to collect some information about energy consumption in Lebanese households. So I invite you to fill this survey (it won’t take you more than 2 minutes), and share it. Thank you!